Ecap Consulenze Srl

Agenzia di consulenza per la ricerca e dell’innovazione formativa, si occupa di progettazione, gestione e valutazione di progetti nazionali e trasnazionali nel campo della valorizzazione delle competenze, della formazione professionale dei lavoratori, delle politiche di integrazione sociale e professionale dei lavoratori immigrati.

ECAP Consulenze Srl is a company of consulting in formative researching and innovation.

Completely constituted by Fondazione ECAP Svizzera it deals from 2004 with design, management and evaluation of projects in the field of skills development, and the promotion of entrepreneurship, local development and policies of social and professional integration of immigrant workers. The company works in partnership with various public and private associations, federations and universities, and it is involved in projects of bilateralism in Italian and European level. It is a founding member of the EEIG Eunetz (Frankfurt), which unites partners from Italy, Germany and France, all active in continuing education.